Sunday, July 7, 2013

Five Authors (Some Illustrators) to Engage Your Students

Elementary classrooms tend to be havens for books (as they should be!) And teachers are pros at making good use of them. But every now and then I peruse author and illustrator websites looking for teaching materials that are ready to go. Today I bring you five.
April Pulley Sayre, nonfiction-author-extraordinaire heads up the list with literally hundreds of activity ideas for teachers. Her Educator Resource page is divided into the categories of: Author Study, Book Links, Book-Related Activities (tons of these!), Birds, Fish, Geography and Biomes, Insects, Mammals, Math, Other, Physical Science, Reptiles and Amphibians, Seeds, Vegetables and Fruits, Writing Process, Featured Resource, Miscellaneous, Standards and Curriculum, Story Plans, and Worksheets. Wow April! We can't ask for more than that!
Patricia Polocco, author/illustrator has a tab at the top of her page that says Fun Stuff. There you will find Color-Ins, Postcards, Puzzles, Bookmarks, Portrait Downloads, Mini-Posters, Video Gallery, and Audio. Check it out!
Author/Illustrator Jan Brett is known for her finely detailed illustrations. Here, you can find Activities. Coloring Pages, Murals, Cards, Hedge-a-Grams (audio), and Games. Nice stuff!
Author and Illustrator combo, Don and Audrey Wood. Audrey's activities page can be found by clicking the Activities box at the top of the page. In the drop down menu, you will find printables for eight of Audrey's books. Everyone will love the secret pages found by clicking the tab at the top, which show photos that were used as models for Don's fantastic illustrations as well as other books-in-the-making info.
And finally, check out everyone's favorite poet, Jack Prelutski's page. Personally, I find the creature on the landing page a bit creepy, but Jack's a poet, not an illustrator, so I'll let it slide. Jack doesn't have printables, but he has a number of activities there.
With some authors, connecting kids to books is as easy as going to their websites!

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